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Empowering Women One Bite At A Time

One Bite Today Builds A Happier Healthier Tomorrow

The inspiration of PowerBites was created for the health-conscience, the athletic, the active outdoor enthusiast, and the on-the-go families in the community.

MPowerU has developed quality snacks that offers nutritive value and a bite of wholesome deliciousness with well thought-out ingredients.

This product has proven time after time that “POWERBITES” are the perfect snack for anyone who wants a “taste-good, feel-good” snack or dessert option.

Who said, “good for you can’t taste yummy”!

Empower Women

“I created MPowerU to provide an opportunity for homeless women to transcend the bonds of poverty and have the ability to provide for their families in a meaningful, purposeful way. As a female entrepreneur, I believe that women have a better chance of becoming self-reliant if they are educated, supported, and empowered by women who have blazed that trail for them.

In a society that glorifies surviving, I want to guide women to an understanding that they are here to thrive, not survive. The world deserves to be blessed with the gifts of creativity, exploration, and innovation that women provide in abundance. Women who liberate themselves from limiting beliefs make a powerful mark in the world and leave a lasting impression in the communities they serve.

We are here to experience joy and abundance. We are here to love and support each other. We are here to make a major impact in this world.

Empowering women is the purpose that wakes me up every single day!”

-Jody Riley_President & Founder