About Us

Owner and Creator of MPowerU, Jody Riley, has developed a roadmap for mothers and women from homelessness to self-reliance, WOMEN EMPOWERED.

“I was a basement away from being homeless.

I was suddenly a single mother with a 7 year old, moving into my parents’ basement. A quick assessment of my resources whispered truth to heart. What I needed next was an income stream. My son was sick. No traditional job would give me the freedom that supported both my motherhood and his childhood. My mother-heart set out to either discover or else create a company that provided the purpose-filled, abundant life that I craved.

Business ownership gave me the personal power to set the terms for my life. I created a valuable service to the community and enjoyed the financial stability I wanted as the mother of my child. In that same season of life, I had some friends, as well as some others I’d met, who became homeless. My heart was stricken by the senselessness of it.

This is my purpose, to lead women along the path where they create their own flow of abundance and discover their own purpose”