Our Impact

Empowering women is crucial for the social and health development of families in our community. It is unfortunate that till this day, there a women that don’t have the knowledge and perhaps the resources to know that there are programs available to them, to improve their lives and overcome unexpected obstacles.

When women are safe, motivated and have a mentor, the chances of reaching their full potential are unquestionable. Our research indicates that when tools are available to them, the level of productivity and the sense of achievement has a positive impact not only on them, but their families as well.

That is the main reason why MPowerU has decided to join forces with a non-profit organization called “women empowered.” They share the ONE objective, and that is to help every single  woman to reach their maximum potential. We help them learn and gain skills that will help them to not only finding themselves, but also find better work opportunities and build a better future.